Getting started

Using tech4farmers is really easy! Tech4farmers is an open and transparent marketplace. It allows you to create and view produce listings of bids or sales, market prices, locations of warehouses, silos, market places, service providers, transactions and more.
For example to sell your produce or facilitate the procurement from other agribusinesses or warehouses, all you have to do is a create listing using the create listing button where you can specify the price and volume of stock you have in your warehouse or silo.
An uploaded image, ideally 130 pixels by 140 pixels against a white background, of your listing will make it easier for clients to look at your products on sale or the kind of products you are expecting to procure incase of a bid. When you add the location of your bidding or sale on the map it will make it easier for your customers to reach you.

The proceeds of your transaction will be sent to you via mobile money or your bank account. In the case of a bid you can pay your suppliers using the same means. Tech4farmers also provides a detailed payment status for your orders. It is highly recommended that you only make payments to parties after carrying out a thorough due diligence.

You can log into your account here