21st UN International Cooperatives Day, Uganda

Warm greetings from the people of Uganda. We are pleased to announce that Uganda will be joining the rest of the International Community in celebrating the Cooperatives Day on Saturday 4th July 2015.
Ministry of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives GoU In Uganda, it is a tradition to select the host institution on a rotational basis. This year's celebrations will be hosted by Lyamujungu Cooperative Financial Services Limited located in Kabale. The International event is organised by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives with partners from the Private Sector and International development agencies.

The International theme for this year's celebration is 'Equality' along with the local slogan 'Join Cooperatives, promote equality'.

The event will also feature key thought leaders and visionaries supporting cooperatives in Uganda. The celebrations also offers a unique opportunity for exhibitors and companies ranging from established market leaders to innovators and start-ups to showcase their latest products and services available for cooperatives. Interested exhibitors and sponsors can send their expressions of interest by June 5, 2015 from here.

Kabale ( Coordinates:01 15 00S, 29 59 24E ) is the largest town in Kigezi Sub-region. It is located approximately 260 miles by road Southwest of Kampala, Uganda's Capital and largest city. It is one of the most scenic towns in Uganda, with green, interlocking and heavily cultivated hills, that range from 3,999 ft to 7,700 ft above sea level that surround the town, and with beautiful terraces of vegetable farms and numerous valleys in which approximately 2 million people live. Kabale remains one of Uganda's tourist attractions. Its altitude makes it colder than the rest of the country. The average monthly temperatures are around 18 °C and can fall to 10 °C at night. Relative humidity is between 90% and 100% in the morning and decreases to between 42% and 75% in the afternoon, all the year around.